Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 seconds changed everything

I drive a Jeep Cherokee. I enjoy it because it has high miles and has a few dings on it and it is 4 wheel drive. I love to take it off road and drive through the fields and along tree lines to get to hunting grounds.  I long for snowy days so I can drop it into 4 wheel drive. And if someone accidentally opens their door against  my jeep it is no big deal.

I do most of the regular maintenance on it myself and it has been a reliable vehicle for me. Now I do salivate when  a Jeep Commander appears on the scene. I would love to own that vehicle.

But for the last few weeks I have had a blotchy, blurry windshield, because I left my window open on a hot steamy summer night. Since then each time I have jumped into my vehicle I was reminded of that view. Yet, I never took the time to clean it. I knew it would give me much better visibility and relieve the glare when the sun came pressing through.

So last night I finally took time to grab the Windex and clean that puppy. It took me about 30 seconds and it was sparkling clean. The joy I felt this morning was measurable in my face. It was as if the skies has parted and I could see clearly again. One simple act of cleansing brought great relief and a clearer picture of the road ahead. I even felt better about the Jeep.

I wonder if that isn't the same thing that confession does for our soul as we cry out and ask for cleansing and God wipes us clean. So, I encourage you right now to stop and clean your hearts  and rid yourself of the blurred windshield perspective! The difference will measurable as you walk through life!

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MarlaMae said...

Great story for your book, Jim! Here's to bright, crisp, Fall days!