Monday, September 5, 2011

the classic lie

We have a lot to learn from flypaper. As a kid we would hang this in our home to catch all the flies that found their way into our house. I was always intrigued by the way this trap caught so many flies, especially since so many other flies were  dying or  already dead in full view for them to see.

Why did they keep thinking they would end up in a different place then the rest of the suckers? Why didn't one of them have a fly-talk with every interested fly and say don't go there? How come they couldn't see the end result of this temptation?

Well as I stated yesterday in my sermon we are not any different then the fly. We believe that we will end up in a different place then everyone else if we take the bait of temptation.

So today I ask you what temptation are you buzzing around thinking you will not fall?  The fly paper doesn't lie it could cost you your life. God promises to provide a way out of your temptation, recalculate your position quickly when God's GPS shouts out or you will end up in a train wreck!

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