Friday, April 20, 2012

13 years old

Happy 13th birthday Isaiah. I am in tears thinking about that day, 13 years ago. While you were being born the world was unraveling in Colorado, with the Columbine shootings. I remember thinking that while there was so much heartache in our world, in our room at the Goshen Hospital there was incredible joy.

I believe that your birth was timely, and that you would do something special with your life because of this date. Well, you have done exactly that bud. I love your passion for life and the way you light the room up when you enter it. I love how you stand shamelessly for Jesus and how you care for people. I love how you give 110% in everything you set out to do.

I can't wait to see how Jesus uses you in the years ahead. You make me proud to call you, my SON! Happy birthday Isaiah!
We have always collected stray balls at a local golf course and had a draft with them.

 Maryland Terps game in College Park.
 He loves hunting and fishing...
I will never forget this Sunday when he cracked us up with his answers.

 He is quite a shooter too..
 Where has all the time gone? He loves hooping it up too!
Golf is his passion...

He loved watching Josh win a basketball Sectional. This photo moves me deeply.

I love you Isaiah, Happy birthday!

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