Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh No

Men and women are different, so very different. As married couples we must always keep that in front of us. Instead of always trying to make the other one conform to the way we think, we have to move to the middle.   

With that in mind, it is so much easier for a man to compartmentalize his thoughts. He could have a big blow-up with his wife and place it out of his memory while playing softball that very same night. But his wife most likely will be on a mission to resolve that matter, until it is completely settled. She is almost paralyzed until it is talked out.

The goal is for the couple to come to a point where the two of them feel good about the resolution to the issue. If it isn't, the dreaded Tablet of Things from the past will continue to surface from  the wife. Often it will catch the husband off guard, because he thought they had settled it, or he hoped that it just went away.

Husbands must be willing to address it and work it out and wives must move on, or this will cripple a relationship. And in the end, if it is not resolved it will push the two apart. 

The Tablet is a man's worst nightmare especially when it comes out of nowhere!

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