Thursday, May 24, 2012


How many times in your life have you almost done something. Almost come in first. Almost climbed the tree. Almost dated the dream guy. Almost hit a home run. Almost completed the task. Almost got elected. Almost joined the armed forces. Almost took a job. Almost shot a Boone and Crocket buck. Almost ran a 5 minute mile. Almost ran a marathon. Almost, almost, almost...

As Isaiah and Trenton stood watching the scores being posted at the conference  golf championship their little minds were tabulating to see if Fairfield would win it all. It was exciting as each twosome came up to the official scorer and gave their scores. Everyone waited and counted and hoped.

Well, Fairfield almost won the championship, only five strokes kept them from winning it all. It made me think about the word "almost" and how we use that word to describe moments like these. It seems to carry weightiness to it. It seems to be the best word to describe getting as close as possible to the real thing.

Well break down the word , ALL + MOST. I guess if you gave your all and  your most then you can feel really good about where the chips fall after the event. Besides, that is the best anyone can do. So as we left that night it was a good feeling knowing that we almost won even though we didn't. You can't do any better then your ALL and your most.

Are you giving your all and  your most in your walk with Jesus? 

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