Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Post Fight Club Thoughts

Sunday Night we had our Graduation Ceremony for Fight Club Chapter 2. Once again God just blew us away with his presence. I am still amazed by the way God is using this men's discipleship journey to transform lives.

I keep reflecting back to the time period when all of this became a reality. After years of pouring into men's lives and watching what made men come alive, God dropped Fight Club into our hands. It is without a doubt the best discipleship journey for men that I have ever been part of.

111 men graduated and were recognized on Sunday night. We sang, we competed, we remembered, we quoted Scripture and we got to walk on stage with our families to received our bracelets. It was a night for the records.

My son Josh, wrapped it up best by saying this; "dad where else have you ever witnessed that kind of brotherhood for Jesus?" My wife Anne said this; "I am deeply moved by watching other men hoot and shout for other men because they are following hard after Jesus!" My daughter Hannah said this; " dad I am so proud of you and the way you are leading other men and I want to marry a Fight Club man." My son Isaiah said this; " I want to be a fight club man too dad!" 

Please God, may you bless this venture as we launch the product for other ministries all over the world in 3 weeks. And may men everywhere come alive in a fresh and passionate way for Jesus!

Proud to be a Fight Club man!

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