Monday, October 1, 2012


You can only go so long with the tachometer red-lined until something breaks loose. God has designed our bodies to give us warning signs as to when we have reached the limit physically and emotionally. Yet, most just blitz right through it thinking their engine can keep screaming on.

I have learned from experience that if I do not find ways to recover then my body will do it for me. It will begin to break down all the immune systems and the onslaught  of sickness and headaches will take over.

So, in order to recover we must find ways to let our bodies deal effectively with the stress. As you can see Anne and Isaiah joined me this weekend in a time of refreshment! I love this photo it makes me sigh, AH!
We closed out the evening on the dock watching the sunset. These kind of moments add life to my soul and allow my body to recover to take on the pressing days ahead!

Go build some Ah, moments into your routine or you will end up broken down along the highway!

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