Wednesday, December 5, 2012

family stuff

I am a son, brother, husband, father, and  pastor. 

I love the moments that pull my family together and we all have one common goal in mind. The moments that we have marked out on the calendar ahead of time to build another memory. I am a pretty simple man, I long to leave the imprint of Jesus on others around me , nothing more, nothing less. But, even more importantly I want to hand off to my kids things that carry character,value, and godliness.

Sunday was one of those kind of times for us. I must admit it was a very full day for me, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. After a full day of services we headed out as a family to cut down a  Christmas Tree for our home. Josh and Hannah joined us from college and the Brown Five jumped in my jeep and headed to the back woods of Oldenberg Tree Farm in Michigan and went on a tree hunt.

I love everything about this time together, as we laugh together, scowl the grounds for the perfect tree, share stories about all the other tree hunts together, drink hot chocolate with some dear friends, throw the jeep into 4 wheel drive, tie the tree on the rooftop, and travel in the jeep with music blaring. For you see, the most valuable thing to me on earth outside of Jesus Christ, are some very precious family members, Anne, Josh, Hannah and Isaiah. And these kind of moments add to the incredible journey that God has allowed me to have with the most precious thing to me, my family, THE BROWNS!

Praising God for the Brown Five today and looking forward to building more memories together with you.

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