Wednesday, January 23, 2013

gun talk

Lets begin by stating the obvious. I am a gun owner. In fact, in my man cave are two cabinets loaded with handguns, shotguns, rifles, and muzzle loaders. Yes, I am a concealed card carrying gun owner. In my wallet is a pink card that gives me the legal rights to carry a gun in Indiana.

I have watched closely the most recent discussion regarding the second amendment  I am keenly interested and have some well-thought through opinions on the serious matter at hand. I understand ethics and work hard at building a biblical perspective on the matter at hand. I am well aware of how important these rights are for us as Americans. I am a student of history. I am not here to debate the matter at hand just to offer a perspective that breaks my heart. So save your commentary on the whole debate, because we probably agree on more then you realize but what might happen if...

We spent as much passion on the great commandment as we are the second amendment?
What might happen if we signed petitions and stood in lines to share the good news of Jesus with the same gusto?
What might happen if we stood together and rescued people from hell with the same abandonment?
What might happen if  we bankrupted our savings to reach the lost world?
What might happen if we used social media to broadcast our heart's desire for the great commandment?
What might happen if we no longer concealed the message of Jesus and boldly carried it everywhere?
What might happen if we got upset and had righteous anger because the right to share Jesus was taken away?
What might happen if we if we packed Jesus everyday and lost sleep over him and not our guns?
What might happen if Jesus Christ was as common as Smith and Wesson in our everyday talk?
What might happen if we loved our Savior as much as we love our guns?

Yes, I still believe we have the rights to bear arms and am very grateful for that. Yet, the rights to profess Jesus before men could use just as much passion from some card carrying Christians. Then and only then would the world be truly safe and saved!


Kimberly Leasure said...

Most Excellent~

J said...

Excellent thoughts Bro!

Robert Gillespie said...

What might happen if we are willing to die for Jesus as we are willing to die for our Guns. A common expression from Gun owner is you can have me guns over my dead body. Can we have this same mentality about Jesus, that ferver, Being ready to stand up for him and lay our lives on the line. Great Thoughts !

marlin said...

If our 401k's, our guns, our homes, relationships or our Gods presence were taken away, which would we morn for most? Who is our security?

Guns and riches are the same to me. I have both but....they are not my security. If I were to loose either, I will still reside in peace for I have built up a more POWERFUL daily relationship in the presence of my Awesome and Holy God.

I lived w/o him most of my life and took care of myself, it is not a secure place to be.

Now... He IS my security.