Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daddy love

Every year we host a daddy-daughter dance at Grace Community. I love every part of this date night with my daughter and love how every other dad gets the chance to love his daughters too.

My daughter Hannah is a college Freshman. She shared that she was hoping I would ask her again. We shared dinner together at a local restaurant, broke a leg or two on the dance floor, well at least Hannah did. We laughed and had some great conversations about life, school, dating and Jesus. 

We capped off our evening with some lattes and a few donuts. I love being a dad and I love watching my daughter bloom into an incredible-flourishing-beautiful woman of God. 

God has given dads such incredible power when it comes to shaping their daughters into future women of God. So, when I saw all of those dads last night doing just that, I knew that this was a very good night for all those little princesses twirling on the dance floor.

Great job Grace Community Dads, what you took time for last night will help your daughter shape her view of her Father-God in a real way.

And yeah, my daughter carries so many of the very same qualities of her mom. It's no wonder she is an incredible-flourishing-beautiful woman of God.

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