Thursday, May 9, 2013

My dream is within Grasp

I have a dream... One day when a natural disaster or great calamity breaks out in America  we will have a brotherhood of Christian men prepared and ready to bring help.

One of my many dreams is that FC Men from all over America, could in a moment's notice be released to bring physical and spiritual help. As the graduates continue to surface across America we are building a huge brotherhood of men to do just that.

For many years I have prayed that God would start a fire down in the hearts of men all across the World, and bond us together, as one great army of men. We are seeing the first steps of that and it makes my heart beat a little faster.

Just this week one of our own, Cheryl McBride who is battling cancer, as a single mom, needed some help to clear land for a septic system so she can sell her house. A simple plea was made and about 20 men quickly assembled and cleared the land and made it possible. 

The brotherhood and  camaraderie was powerful as men worked closely together for a common cause! 

Mark my words this day will happen in my lifetime!

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