Saturday, August 3, 2013

A little taste of heaven last night

Last night on a side parking lot, far away from all the buzz and action of Main Street on First Fridays in Goshen, an all-star group of hoopsters gathered. There were very few fans gathered here because most were on Main Street watching the sand-lot volleyball tourney. 

Yet, an all-star team from ADEC rolled out of their vans and vehicles and donned their Basketball Shoes for a full court game of hoops. They came with "game" packed with joy and a desire to do their absolute best. They hustled, high-fived each other, and even talked a little junk on the court. And in the end they won the game 29-17.

Something very special took place on that court last night; something that won't find a place on the front page of the Goshen News, but still worthy of it. This group of "ballers" worked together and accomplished a team win. 

I found myself a small piece of this epic night as did my two sons and two other Grace Community dudes. But, even more importantly I felt like I had a little taste of heaven as we worked for the same goal to help the other team win. That goal goes against everything that I have been trained to do my whole life. My "win at all costs" went out the door last night and I became an instrument used to help the other team succeed. 

As we walked off the court my heart was overflowing with joy. I felt like this might have been one of the most holy moments in my life as we rubbed elbows, exchanged jump shots, talked a little junk, and for once helped the other team win on a court that I have spent 1000's of hours on.

All that to say this, God has gifted us with abilities and talents to use them for his glory. After a life-time of playing hoops, coaching hoop teams, winning a few state tourneys, honing my b-ball craft, I finally got to put it to heavenly use.

And to top it all off, I got to do it with my sons. And with little fanfare in front of two cute Brown girls cheering the other team on. I like the taste left in my heart after the buzzer sounded! Great job ADEC you were the champions last night!

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