Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shout out to Pastor Rich

This week we add a new team member to our staff, Dan Costentino. He will become our new Youth Pastor. At the same time our present Youth Pastor, Rich Yauger is transitioning into a new Pastoral role here at Grace Community. 

I am so grateful that Rich continues to be a team member with us, he makes us stronger and, well, we love him and need him. He will become our new Connections, Care, and Discipleship Pastor. 

He has served in a heroic way to our teens at Grace over these last 11 years. He has poured his life into 1000's of teens and made a huge kingdom impact. 

On a personal note he invested into my children and I am eternally grateful to you, dude!

So there is good news we don't have to say goodbye to this servant of God. And we get to serve with him in his new role of helping Connect, Care and Disciple each attendee of Grace Community.

Your impact on our Church is seen in all the ways our young people have matured into godly adults. And it is seen in the way they choose their clothing apparel. Blessings to you Rich, as you transition into your new role! Great days are ahead for Grace Community Church!

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