Friday, November 15, 2013

What are we afraid of

When Jesus promises us anything it is a done deal. He will never, never, never turn back on his promises to us. 

I often wonder how often he grieves when his own kids live as though he has reneged on his word. Wouldn't any father be a little heart-broken if his kids didn't trust in him? Doesn't every father wish that that his kids would believe in him and come to him for strength and support?

With that being said, Jesus has never let us down and longs to see us flourish in his power. 

Just minutes before Jesus left Planet Earth to ascend to Heaven and join his Father in Heaven, he said these words. "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" 

He could have said anything for he is the brightest, smartest, mind to ever walk on planet earth, plus he is God! Imagine your final words with your loved ones that you will never see again. Imagine all the things that will run through your mind as you say your farewell to loved ones. Yet, Jesus words were simple, tell others about me! And he reminded them they would be empowered to do so. 

Let me paraphrase my Savior's Words for a second... Don't let your friends go to hell. Don't walk through life keeping this great salvation locked in your own heart. This rich salvation was never meant to stop wit you, it was meant to be passed on. If you don't share then who will? I need you to do this and I promise to be with you as you do!

Somewhere along the way we have gotten sidetracked with this longing from our Savior. I think I know why. We are afraid to do it? Why, you might be asking? Well it is simple, you are opposed. The Enemy doesn't want you to share, so he will work overtime on your heart and mind to deceive you to believe some lies.

Remember you can talk freely about everything under the sun, from sports, guns, cars, HGTV, children, chicken sandwiches at Wendy's, and the weather and never be opposed. Yet, when it comes to Jesus we will be opposed!

Maybe it is time we remember that Jesus said he has empowered us to do this. I am with you and people need Jesus. There is no need to fear because I am with you. You can bank on Jesus word!

So Evangelism comes down to whether or not you trust him! I choose to trust my Savior! How about you? Otherwise, the world will one day stand before our God and wonder why you never told them the truth!

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marlin said...

This is so true for all of us.

Jesus said he will be with us, teach us, give us the words to say and his spirit will be on us. We assume it is all automatic.... yet as we spend time with him in worship, praise, reading the Bible and prayer, he is some how more real and active through us.

Jesus went of to be alone with the Father and as we too spend intimate time with him.... because he is alive, we are emboldened.

He is awesome and powerful for today because the Kingdom of God is not talk but power, not here or there but in you. Meaning the the kingdom of God is the power of God in you........ for great change.

Spend intimate time 24/7/365 with your Father.