Saturday, January 25, 2014

it could not have happened without...

5 years ago on a cold snowy morning at Grace Community Church 100's of people Got Global during our Raise the Bar Series. Let me explain...

I asked our Church to consider rescuing orphans in Cambodia and to give an offering and to pledge monthly support to care for these kids until they were adults. Well, what happened next can only be described as miraculous. Enough money came in that morning to not only build a home in Cambodia but Thailand too, and enough to pack 100,000 meals for Feed My Starving Children!

Fast forward 5 years later... 50 kids have been rescued and are growing in Jesus and becoming the future leaders of their countries.

Just this morning I received this email from our National Director of Asia's Hope in Thailand

Hi Hello!! Dearest Pastor Jim,
Your kids Pacharin and Ratana will going to sing in Korea this coming April 1-10 with other 11 kids from different homes of Asia's Hope. They all so excited to see another country!!
Both asked me to tell you. Pray for me as I  have to do all passport for them and pray for them safe trip and all they will go to sing different churches in Korea to the Glory of God.
God bless you richly. We All miss you and your lovely family so much.
Love in Jesus, Tutu

Look at the photo above of our precious young girls. I am bursting at the seams with pride for our girls! 

This is an early photo of our children... Look how much our girls Pacharin and Ratana have grown since this photo.

This is the singing team they will be traveling with. Stop and consider how far our children have come and consider where they might have been without Grace Community Church! I am so proud of my Church!

We love you Pacharin and Ratana and are so very proud of you. Go sing your hearts out for Jesus!

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Sara1025 said...

Just truly amazing the difference God is making in the lives of these kids. There but for the grace of God goes you and me.