Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Grace is messy

Often something hits me post-sermon on Sunday mornings that  pushes me  through the week. 

This past Sunday I spoke on Grace and how God continues to lavish his grace and love all over us. I used a pitcher of water and an empty container that I had drilled holes into that represented our sins. I then poured pitcher after pitcher of water into the container showing how God's grace keeps coming and coming  and coming...  You can see this sermon on our web site. God's grace is more than the sin we can produce.

But as I was getting ready to pack up my stuff and go home it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had created quite a mess after 3 services of using this demonstration. Water was everywhere, the floor was wet, my shirt was wet, the counter was a mess and I was reminded that "Grace is messy!" When we extend grace in someone's life it will be messy and it is not clean. 

It also hit me that while I had run out of water in my demonstration that God never runs out of grace he just keeps pouring it out, pitcher after pitcher of it. We can't out-sin grace!

I was moved deeply by this post-sermon moment and felt deeply loved by my Savior as he continues to walk into my mess and pour out grace upon grace. 

Wow, what might happen if we were willing to dole out grace like that and walk into the messes of people's lives? I think we know the answer to that question, the world would be won to Jesus in droves!

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