Thursday, August 28, 2008

There he is again

THERE HE IS AGAIN! Well last week I was sitting in Starbucks on my day off with my wife. We had taken a ride together on my Harley and stopped to get a vanilla latte'. While there I look outside and notice this guy was asking two patrons for money. What guy has the guts to walk up to someone while they are eating and ask for money?
Well, I watched them give him $4.00 and then he did the unthinkable; at least in my mind it was the unthinkable. He walked inside and was going to do the same thing with us. I saw him coming and he said "nice bike." Well the Harley jacket was a dead give-away. I said thanks and immediately in my heart I cut him off. I mean this night was a time for Anne and I to spend together and we haven't had much time like this in weeks. So I did what I should and just keyed in on my wife.
Then the guy turns to the other person in the room and asks for a ride to Elkhart. Whew that cleared my conscience a little bit because 3 people on a motorcycle just wouldn't work. The guy gave him a ride and even came back in and bought him a coffee. I knew in my heart that I should have showed him some love. We left the coffee shop and enjoyed the cool ride home. But I was grieving because of my response
Well two days later I was in my office and pretty weary from the day's work. In fact I had sat with a family that was going through devastating stuff. We had just come off the opening of our new building where 40 people got saved and I was winding down my evening. Our secretary walks back and says there is a guy out here who needs his bike fixed.
Imagine if you will, what might go through your mind when you get that kind of request. I knew instantly God wanted me to fix this guy's bike, besides I have fixed many bikes for my kids and their neighbors. So I walked out into the foyer and THERE HE WAS AGAIN! You guessed it, the same guy who happens to have my name, James!
I walked out and it was as if God says "hey Jim I am going to give you a second chance." Well I fixed his bike and shared the Gospel with him. I will let you know that he thought I was a prophet as I asked him what he did with the $4.00 he got from the girls at Starbucks? I even knew that some guy gave him a ride in a van to his home. You should have seen his eyes, it is a look that I will not soon forget. I emptied my wallet to help the guy too.
So yesterday We celebrated 20 years as a married couple and we are sitting in Cracker Barrel and guess who walks by the window? THERE HE WAS AGAIN! Take time today and look for these guys and love on them because all they want is a little love; besides They might be Jesus!

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