Wednesday, August 27, 2008

20 years and counting

20 Years and counting. Today my wife and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We've changed a lot over the years yet I am more in love with her today than ever. For our entire marriage we have been involved in ministry in a local church. God has given us 3 precious children and tons of faith-building experiences. My wife knew coming in that ministry would shape the direction of our lives a lot different than other marriages, yet she felt the call and has never wavered on that commitment.

These are a few of the great faith-building challenges and blessings for those of you considering full-time ministry,

1. You make home away from home. The time spent with family, grandparents, parents, cousins is very limited. You make your new ministry location your new home.

2. You are the only pastor your wife will ever have. Now that is very convicting and sometimes very scary.

3. You no longer live for the weekends the way you used to. This can be a shocker for wives,kids,and families back home.

4. Any phone call could mean a life or death situation especially the 2AM rings that wake you up.

5. You live in glass houses. People know you and watch you even while you cheer on your kids at sporting events or run to the store with unkempt hair for milk.

6. Your burden for your people keeps you awake at night. People hang on every word of counsel that comes out of your mouth. Wisdom is your major prayer request.

7. You are open to more criticism than ever before in your life. But if you are not doing anything than you will not be getting any criticism.

8. The attacks of the Satan increase 100 fold. Especially when the ministry is gaining ground for Jesus.

9. The satisfaction of doing something so incredibly kingdom minded brings great joy. You don't feel like you wasted your life.

10. One sin in your life can forfeit your call and career as a Pastor. The level of accountability is over the top yet so sweet as you lean on Jesus.

Oh by the way my wife and I are taking a long ride today on my Harley to celebrate 20 years. I love you Anne! Thanks for being my teammate for life.


Dave and lisa said...

Congrats!!! We miss you guys very much! Hope your next 20 are even better!

Dave and Lisa Heeter

When it get cold come see us down in here Ft. Lauderdale!!!!

leasure said...

Excellent,,,, 20 years Jimmy! it's a huge deal nowadays,,, i'm happy that you both are able to seeand appreciate what you actually have, WHILE you're on the journey. The destination is our hope,, but the trip is like way incredible too,, if we can accept that love. that is the hardest thing for me at times,, to realize i am REALLY loved that's a tear-jerker at times... i love you and're doing good bro! love you.

Andy Wirt said...

Congrats, Jim and Ann! Thanks for your good example in many ways. Glad we got to study Hebrew together way back when and I love seeing all God is doing in and through your lives. Good counsel!

Jamie said...

Love the site Jimmy! Love you! Jamie BROWN