Thursday, September 18, 2008

calling all men

If you get the man you get the family; if you get the family you get the community; if you get the community; you get the world. One of my deep passions is to reach the men of our world for Jesus. I think the church has done a poor job of reaching the man.
Men have passed on the local church for many reasons and we have seen a mass exit of leaders sitting at home on Sundays. My desire is to see men fall in love with Jesus, their wives, their kids and their world.
One of the many things I love about Grace is the fact that we have a lot of men who tenderly love their wives and lead their families. Our Church is loaded with men who get it! Men process things differently, they want battles to fight and they want to be part of something that is making a profound difference in the world.
This photo above was taken at our Wild at Heart Retreat In Western Maryland. We unloaded our canoes on the Potomac River as the fog hung just above the water. We paddled for 10 miles as the sun began to rise and the autumn colors of the trees popped in the horizon. Men saw God's creation up close and were moved deeply.
My prayer is that Grace continues to be a place where tender warriors for Jesus are raised and sent out. Besides what wife doesn't want her husband to be a spiritual leader in their marriage? I can feel the cool water and the warm sun breaking through the fog as I type. The wilderness is calling me and all men to encounter God again on the mountaintops of Western Maryland.

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