Wednesday, September 17, 2008

baby dedication

One of most precious things a pastor can do is to dedicate babies. I love everything about it. I love the commitment of the parents; I love the cooing of the babies; I love the smiles on the parents faces; I love holding the babies; I love knowing that children will be raised in a home that is safe and Christ-centered!

We live in a world where horrible atrocities happen to kids; abortion, sex-slavery, and abuse. So when a couple says I want to raise my kids with the blessing of God and his help I am moved on a deep level.

This past week two couples did just that at Grace. Imagine the advantage these kids have as mom and dad, make vows that they will do their best to raise their kids with Jesus at the center! These precious little girls; Sophia and Mia can be the next world changers for Jesus. Oh it is time we rescue, love, and protect our children instead of treating them like commodities. Great job Hilers and Dewalds your pastor applauds you from the bottom of his heart! I look forward to watching Mia and Sophia become world changers for Jesus.

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