Saturday, September 20, 2008

exchange student...

Let me introduce to you Gaute Helgesen he is now living with us. He is an exchange student from Norway. We are thrilled to have him join the Brown family for the school year. We heard of his need to find a host family just last week and felt compelled to be that home.

While being a host home was not on the map just two weeks ago as soon as it was made known to us we knew we wanted to be that home. My prayer is that our home will always be open to others. Josh is sharing his room and we are sharing our lives with a precious 16 year old that happens to be a Junior at Fairfield High school. Imagine what took place in the heavenlies to place him in our home.

So we are excited to be his new family, we will be shouting from the sidelines for #91 on the football team as he is one of the place-kickers. So if you hear a shout or two for Gaute it will be the Browns.

Oh by the way he looks a lot like our own kids. The photo above was taken in our home as he was watching a Norwegian TV program online.

This is Norway we're excited to learn more about his country and hopefully let him see Jesus lived out in us. Welcome to America Gaute, we're glad you are here!


eliza said...

Yes! He looks like a Brown kid! I really thought upon first seeing this photo that you had a snapshot of Josh up on your page. What a neat opportunity.

Dawn said...
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