Monday, September 22, 2008

girlfriends roundup..

Giddy-up! Just recently we had a fun ladies outing at Grace called Girlfriends Roundup!. It was a western theme and came with all kinds of western things to do. They danced, made denim purses, target-shot with BB-guns, had a chili cook off, sat in a campfire-game area, enjoyed a pampering station, you get the picture it was a blast.

We have some really cool ladies at Grace who "get it" too, they have a desire to create events that will draw unchurched ladies along with our ladies and just love on each other. The comments that I have personally heard from different ladies is that it wasn't long enough. Now when is the last time someone wanted any church event to last longer.

More importantly was that many ladies were able to just have some fun and see that Christian women can love Jesus and participate in an evening that they don't have to be running around chasing down kids,living a hectic pace of life, and get a much needed evening of fun.

Oh yeah the photo above is a group of ladies who hung out with my wife. My wife Anne is the far right cowgirl and she had a lot to live up to that night. Annie Oakley Brown made me proud she came home with 2 of the 3 BBS in the circle. Way to go Annie, and way to go to all the ladies who made this night happen. It was a dog-gone good night...

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