Friday, September 26, 2008

Hi Daddy...

I love our kids at Grace Community. Just recently they filled our stage with their presence and sang worship songs. As they were getting on the risers they looked out and one kid saw their daddy and began to yell "Hi DADDY". Then in a sweet sound kids all over began to yell "hi daddy, hi mommy..."

Oh I love that sound. I love it when my kids say I love you daddy, or point me out and say there is my dad. Have you ever been to the ballpark when a kids yells " Hey Dad" and every dad within a crow's fly turns and smiles.

In the above picture are some of our pre-school kids at Grace. I must admit they could have just stood there and did nothing and they had my attention. The song they sang gave them a chance to giggle and wiggle and wave. But what got me the most was when I saw them point out their mommy's and daddy's, then smile and wave. What better place to see your mommy or daddy then in a worship service. When our kids at Grace get a chance to hear about Jesus at church and at home the odds of them finding Jesus as their personal Savior jumps exponentially.

The New Testament gives instances when Jesus held the little kids. I gotta believe that Jesus felt the same way about kids that I do. As they entered and exited the stage I gave them high-fives and giggled with them. But deep down I was proud to be a dad and know that somewhere in this same building were my three precious kids who would find me worshipping Jesus too

Remember the song we sang as kids, Jesus loves the little children... all the children of the world... RED and YELLOW, BLACK and WHITE ... they are precious in his sight... Jesus loves the little children of the world.

Great job Kids and thanks for making Mommy's and Daddy's very proud of you that day!

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