Thursday, September 25, 2008

last one standing

The last one standing... What is it that separates a winner from a close second or third or a distant last? How is it that some people seem to have a quality that fights on when others bail out? Where does it come from? How is it formed?

Why do some people, punt when the pressure is turned on? Another thing I am learning about leadership and life is that you can go a lot further than you initially think you can. Our minds are a great place to store confidence, will power, and faith. When we begin to recognize who we are in Christ we live differently. We see ourselves and our future with new lenses. We live like the Holy Spirit lives in us. We give everything we have because we can and we know who we are.

The photo above are men shooting paint balls from homemade 6-8 ft sling shots. The goal was to shoot down the logs from each team and the last one standing wins! Boy did they ever want to shoot my team's PINK log. Pinky withstood a barrage of shots but finally fell to a lucky shot from these guys. But Pinky went down smiling and put up a valiant effort.

I wonder would your spouse, boss, colleague, co-worker see you as a last one standing teammate. When the heat is turned on by the enemies of the world will you be the first to go down or will you still be standing? Do you walk away or do you fight for your families, your God, the impoverished, the orphans and for the LOST?

More than ever our world needs people who will get down and dirty for Jesus and stand till the bitter end with confidence and faith! Put on your armor today and fight like your life was on the line. And stand for the right stuff too. You could be the last one standing!

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