Monday, September 29, 2008

redskins win

As a kid I loved Sunday afternoons when the NFL season was underway. I loved the Washington Redskins and so did my family. Some of my fondest memories are sitting with my dad and cheering on the Skins. We were hardcore fans.

Our greatest joy always came when they beat the Dallas Cowboys. In my mind, there is no sweeter win then this. I would rub it in to my friends that rooted for the Cowboys. Well not much has changed since then, other then I am a lot older. But I still feel the same today, as I did as a little kid, when the Redskins beat the Cowboys. How bout those Redskins!

I know there is not any eternal value in this win, but it sure does feel good to know that my sons Josh and Isaiah now feel the same way as I do. Oh yeah, Josh left this morning for school in his Redskins Jersey. And to all my Cowboy friends across the world "How bout them Redskins!"

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