Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where did the donuts go?

No donuts? Some of you might have walked into our Cafe' on Sunday and wanted your cup-full of donut holes. As your appetite was craving these lumpous nutritional-depleted delicacies, a sign stood in the place of the donuts. This sign said no more donuts! Imagine a cup of coffee, chai, mocha without donuts, it almost seems UN-American. Maybe that is how we need to think if we want to see the world like Jesus does.

Well Mardell, our Cafe coordinator was burdened, as she recently heard messages on the atrocities in our world. She was moved to do something about the malnutrition of children in our world so she did something about it. She approached the staff and asked us to consider, if we would take the money used for donuts and feed the hungry. This was a no-brainer for us and that is what we are doing for this month.

Right now almost 300 kids are crying out for rice and grain an they will receive a check from Grace Community, because a global-minded volunteer, was moved to do something now! Picture them receiving help when your tummy churns.

If we were honest about our diets and ate in a healthy way, I wonder what else we could do to feed the world? Some cry out to God that it is unfair that billions are starving, and even go so far to say "why aren't you doing something about it God?" Well if truth be known maybe God is saying "there is plenty of food to eat, but you ate it all!" Bye, bye donuts, and hello world, we see your hunger and want to help. Good job Mardell!

In case you are interested:
Amount Per 1 doughnut hole
Calories 52.39

Calories from Fat 26.68

Good to be UN-American on this one!

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