Monday, September 1, 2008

What's in a name

This weekend my son Isaiah was playing in an all star baseball game in Plymouth. As I sat in the stands and snapped this picture it made me proud to see my name on his back. You see he carries my name everywhere he goes on the field. Whether he is standing in the batter's box ready to hit or in the outfield anticipating a fly ball, or on the bench cheering on his teammates, he is a BROWN!
A lot has gone into that name, at least I think so. You see before he put on that jersey I had something to do with it. My life has been an open notebook to the world at large. My actions have been recorded in the memory banks of people and they already know how a BROWN is going to live out his life because of me.
I have told my kids that integrity, character and their witness will have a huge impact on their name. I have to be honest I love seeing my name on the backs of my kid's uniforms. It does something inside of me when I see my name on their backs. Well Isaiah made me proud on Saturday as do my other kids when they sport our name.
But I must admit I wonder what people think when they see the BROWN name, hopefully I laid a foundation where coaches are grateful to see them in the lineup card.
Keep working at your testimony because one day it will stand before 1000's of people at the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth for them to judge! Oh by the way he went down swinging but not before he fouled off 5 pitches , just like a BROWN not going down without a fight! Man, did he ever make this BROWN proud!

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