Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hug an orphan

Hug an orphan and you will never be the same again. Just ask my daughter Hannah what it is like to do just that. In this photo she is holding our orphans in Thailand. By the way we just gave them our Grace-in-action shirts.
This summer my family and other team members from Grace Community flew to Thailand and Cambodia and dedicated our orphanages that we just built. We were able to rescue 39 kids from all kinds of atrocities; starvation, human sex slavery, and garbage dumps .
We are different people then we were three months ago, hugging and loving on an orphan messes up your world. Your view of Christianity is never the same again. A lot is happening in our hearts these days in the Brown household and in my church. I think we are beginning to understand equality better and what it means to have a global mind.
Do you realize that if only 7% of the 2 billion Christians in our world would adopt one child then there would virtually be zero orphans in our world. James puts it this way... Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this, to look after orphans and widows and to keep oneself from being polluted from the world. Would God accept your religion?

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