Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zero in!

Look at the eyes of these guys around me as they are getting instructions before a 10 mile canoe trip. They are zeroed in. As I grow in my leadership one fact continues to surface! We must have laser beam focus, or better yet we must give attention to the smallest details. Any strong team must zero in on what is the primary goal to achieve success. We must prioritize what is most important.

As I watch leaders begin to stretch themselves too thin they lose sight of their goal. They fill their schedules with all kinds of good stuff but they don't have laser beam focus anymore. When that happens their businesses, ministries, homes, marriages and lives reflect it. They lose sight of what they started out to get!

I believe one of Satan's primary strategies is to keep us busy with stuff, things, schedules, appointments and before we know it we have lost that "thing" we are supposed to be zeroed in on. You show me a team that has "it" I will show you a group who gives attention to the smallest details and has laser beam focus. Look at this team below they know the goal and they are in sync together with laser beam focus!

Take time today and ask yourself have I strayed from what is most important? Have I not given enough attention to the smallest details ? Great leaders stayed focused on what their primary responsibility is and they move their team in that direction together! ZERO IN Leaders!

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