Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Air Bag Deployed

So what does an air bag have to do with evangelism? It is a matter of life and death. Last night we kicked off our first night of Judgment House. A lot goes into the planning of this week event, tons of prayer, construction of sets, hours of learning lines, firetrucks and ambulances, teens sacrificing their time, advertising and marketing, adults giving their evenings and lives to make it happen. Plain and simple people sacrifice everything.

Judgement House is an interactive dramatic walk-through that makes people ask the question "What will God say to you at the Judgement scene?" Every year our church is literally turned upside down to make this happen. Pastor Rich and many others make it happen.

During the planning of a crash scene we wanted to make it as real as possible. So we needed to deploy some air bags in the cars. Yours truly and a few other brave individuals got to make this happen. We even contemplated having one of us sit in the vehicle while it went off. It was a blast, something I always wanted to do and it blew the windshield out of one of the vehicles.

Last night I had the privilege of sitting in the last room and watch people cross over from an eternity in Hell to Heaven. I wept most of the evening as people made that decision for Jesus. To be quite frank this is what makes Grace, Grace! We will do anything to open people's hearts to the Gospel! Space is limited to tell the stories but my heart is weepy today because Satan was defeated and Jesus changed people's lives forever. Besides what else is more important than that? Way to go Church, you helped people cross over to Jesus last night!

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