Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Staff

This is my staff as we stood on a mountaintop on a retreat.
From the left... Jeremiah,Jerimae, Jon,Tim, Me, Jeremy... Missing is Rich, he was getting his yearly checkup for cancer. By the way it came back clean. Here is the stud muffin below...

It takes a strong team to forcefully advance the kingdom forcefully. I feel strong when I stand with these guys. These guys sharpen me and challenge me, to go to the next level. If you want to serve at Grace you must keep up, and you feel like each man is bringing the best out in you.

Character, Competence and Chemistry are huge when building a team. The first two are often a given, but the latter is sometimes compromised when building a staff. I personally believe it should be valued just as much. Great teams will fail if this is not a major element.

I have talked to many pastors across our country, and they have shared their stories of having to go and tell a Godly man that it just isn't working out. Don't budge an inch on this one. Oh by the way, one of the questions I ask my guys before considering another staff member, is this, "can you see this guy sitting with us at the Electric Brew drinking coffee, at our staff meeting on Tuesday mornings?" This question staves off a lot of heartache. Get this one down, it could make or break your team!

And to my staff, who are willing to stand in a pit with a Lion on a snowy day, for the cause of Christ, I love you man!

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