Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tornado Relief

One year ago this month a tornado swept through our area. The town of Nappanee was devastated. We had our Sunday service planned and we were excited about the weekend service. We walked into our offices on Friday and the phone began to ring giving us details of the damage. In a matter of minutes we decided to cancel our Sunday services and go help.

In fact I said, "now is the time for the church to be the church!" We sent out emails, made phone calls, posted an ad in the paper, to say that we would not have services. Then we began to organize how we could help. Shovels, chainsaws, gloves, front-end loaders,rakes and whatever else we could think of filled our list.

I asked my church to meet me in the parking lot on Sunday morning to go and be the church. As I waited outside I was blown away as people in blue shirts filed into our parking lot. They were everywhere, I wept as I saw my church step up, it was a moment I will never forget.

100's of people, too many to count, stood with eager hearts and ready hands to serve. Well we did just that. And in this video you will see just a small portion of what my church did on that morning. Oh yeah, my elders and staff spent the day prior to Sunday cutting down hundreds of trees. I believe if you want your people to serve than it must start with you and your leadership team. Great job guys! Way to go blue crew!

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