Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wild at Heart Road Trip

It is just about time to go! We are loading up our trailers, trucks, SUV's and flatbeds. It is a 9 hour road trip that ends up on a logging trail way back in the mountains of Western Maryland, Little Orleans is the place. We have tons of men with, shotguns, ATV's, tents, food, claybirds, Bibles, notebooks, and eager anticipation. It's time for our annual Wild at Heart men's retreat.

I love to reach the men. If you get the man you get the family, the community, the world. Our weekend will include all kinds of team competitions, ATV get-aways, a 10 mile canoe trip and Bible teachings. My friend who owns the property has many pictures just this week of Black Bear roaming the property.

Some have asked me why do you travel that far? This trip creates an experience for men, it allows them to conquer the road, build deep relationships on the way, get unplugged from technology, and let their hearts come alive. If you keep them close by, it is too easy for them to leave early or stay plugged into to the "stuff of life."

My prayer is that we form a strong band of brothers who get their fires lit for Jesus. Pray for us, and ask God to transform our hearts to be more like him. Pray that this trip is the best ever. Oh yeah, I am going to shake things up a lot so men don't go into cruise control.

I'm pretty excited because my team consists of all the pastors in our two campuses. We are ready to take them on. I can't wait to unplug from Internet, phones, and technology and enjoy God's creation up close. See you in a few days

Oh yeah the photo above are Dave and Dwight as they load up one of the supply trailers.The Wilderness is calling my name!


Anonymous said...

I was on this trip and I made more friends in one weekend than I have in my entire life. What an amazing experience.

Josh Snyder

Jim Brown said...

Hey Josh that is just awesome. Way to show up and allow God to work in your life. It is my favorite time of the year with men.