Friday, October 17, 2008


Have you ever heard the phrase, "up the creek without a paddle?" Well, not only have I heard it, I almost experienced it on Saturday. I was canoeing along with another guy from Grace and ... well... we hit a rock. We hit it head on, and before I knew it,I was leaning as hard as I could from the stern, to balance the already unbalanced canoe. In seconds, we flipped over, and were in waist-deep water.

One of the guys asked me if anyone helped me, as I lay there shipwrecked? The only thing I remember, was the paparazzi taking as many pictures as possible of me capsized, as they rowed quickly past us. There was not an ounce of mercy in the group, it was utter joy, to see their fearless leader standing in his leather boots, completely soaked, with 10 miles to go. I must admit I would have done the same. You see this is why it is so good, to do this with men, they get a moment to see you at your worst, and revel in it.

I take full credit for the shipwreck, and as any valiant captain would, I went down with the ship. I must admit it got hairy, for a second, as I tried to grab the paddle and hold the canoe, and smile for the cameras. This plunge was actually good, because just a day earlier, we made homemade rafts, which were supposed to float across a pond. Supposed to, is the key phrase. I knew we were in trouble, when we were lifting it into the water, and Jerimae said "rats", it just broke.

Ever try to sit on a raft that is already sinking? Well I took one for the team, and sunk this raft too. Man was it fun as my Huckleberry Fin skills, left me green and wet again.

Oh well, the only thing lost in the two events, was a toolbox in the bottom of the pond and of course, my long johns, as I tried desperately, to kick my way to Alcatraz. You might think a man would be scarred for life, with moments like this, but I wasn't. I actually, in a sick way, enjoyed the time, and it gave me a chance to see if dry rice, in a glass, with a wet phone, actually can resuscitate a phone. Thanks guys, for the help, and thanks for the words of encouragement, as I went down with the ship. You can call me on my cell, rice does work!

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