Thursday, October 16, 2008

New To You

Blue Crew , is at it again, this time in a different way. It was an outreach called "new to you." We love blitzing our community with random acts of kindness, which our outreach director, Craig, leads. This outreach was lead by my wife and many other Grace Ladies, and I love the way my wife works, behind the scenes, to help people. Time or words, could never express how often she does things yet gets zero credit. By the way she doesn't want the attention either.

She has a burden for families that are suffering, and initiated a outreach last year, along with Becky Kauffman, to get clothes in the hands of children for free. She has called the outreach "New to You." Just last week, while I was away with men, on our Wild at Heart Retreat, she was back at Grace Community, organizing a clothing exchange, for the community.

Many people came, and traded in their clothes, for other clothes. Actually when you registered, you received blue bucks that allowed you to buy clothes. The local news got wind of what we were doing, and reported it on channel 22.

This video shows the interview of last weekend's outreach. I love the way our church thinks outside the box to reach our community. Thanks to all the ladies who pulled this off, you didn't go unnoticed by me or the local news. You were the hands and feet of Jesus!

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