Friday, November 21, 2008

Tech Team meeting

A lot has to happen to pull off our Sunday morning worship services in all our auditoriums. For me personally, I have to prepare as if I am preaching to three different groups, at the same time. It really changes how you communicate, because you need to connect with two other auditoriums, that you can't see. Many times during a message, the Holy Spirit will remind me of just that fact.

Timing of services is critical too, as we have the LINK running simultaneously with the Main. Our South Bend venue is a week delayed. With that in mind, the tech meeting before our services is critical. We meet in the Bullpen, a room off the Main auditorium. In this room you will find as many as 25 people taking notes, praying, and getting on the same page with the morning's service.

We have video. tech, computer, lighting, worship, media people smashed in this room. Pastor Jeremiah leads this meeting, and he puts us all on the same page. I am always blown away, as I look around and see all the volunteers, who got up early to make it happen. We have an amazing tech team. So the next time you rise early on a Sunday morning, to drink a cup of coffee, and read the newspaper, pray for us as we are planning the service.

Oh by the way, we can plan all we want, but we always ask God to do what he wants in the service. We know we need him, because we are so very human, and it is all about him.

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