Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fairfield Hoops

Fairfield High school had their first varsity scrimmage last night, and they have their season opener, this coming Tuesday night, at Wawasee. It will be fun to watch them play. They are thin on varsity experience, yet they could surprise some teams. Josh has four teammates that have played together with him since the 6th grade.
If you wonder where I am at, on Tuesday and Friday nights this winter, I be cheering on Fairfield, from the stands. Besides, what better thing is there to do, than to watch hoops, on cold winter nights. While I am watching, I will be building relationships with those around me. Some of the best contacts I have made with people, have been through athletics.
I can't wait to forge new friendships, and deepen some others, and to point people to Jesus. Personally, this has been one of the best ways to see people come to Jesus. When we came to Grace 12 years ago, there were not any families from the Fairfield community, now we have 100's. Please God use this forum, to let us, as a family, to point people to Jesus.

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