Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4 New Tires

4 brand new spankin tires! This past Sunday we sent Butch, Greg, and Art into our parking lot, to bless someone. You see over the last three weeks we have been sending people out during our services, to be Christmas to someone in a random way. We sent people out with cash, gifts, food and love to lighten up their day.
This week we kept the blessing in our own parking lot. We wanted to bless someone who comes to Grace with 4 new tires. So the three guys pictured above, walked all over our parking lot to find the vehicle in both services, that needed new tires.
We prayed during the week as a staff that God would help us go to the car he wanted. Well, we sent these guys off with prayer during our service, to change some tires. They also placed a red bow on the car, so that, when people walked outside they could find the car. It was so moving to see the recipients as they walked to their cars.
They took the tires to Montieth Tire and put the new ones on, and brought them back...

I just love the way Grace loves on people! The second service recipient was here for only the second time at Grace. The other recipient was a regular attendee of Grace who really needed some encouragement too. I love my church!

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