Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things have changed but...

Just last night I was waiting to play in our basketball game. I play in an adult basketball league on weeknights, in New Paris. I was in conversation with Darin Holsopple, who plays on my team, and he said this " I am so grateful for my church because it takes such a strong stance on the Bible."

Then he went on to say that he had a friend, who just started coming to Grace, and had been moved to read her Bible more. After attending Grace and seeing the Word opened, he shared, that it gave her a hunger to read more.

Something happened in me in that split second. I was deeply encouraged, because I would take a bullet in the head for the Word of God, and I want our people to fall in love with God's Word so much, that on their own they are digging in.

You see at Grace, a lot has changed since my first days of preaching. I started in a suit and tie, but that attire is different today. But what hasn't changed is that the Bible is open every Sunday, and we dig in!

As you can see in all of these photos, the Bible is wide open. Nothing brings me greater joy, than to see our people getting out of their cars with their Bibles in their hands! Thanks Darin, your comment really encouraged me!


MarlaB said...

Wish I had a copy of the picture with you smacking yourself in the forehead with your Bible! Think that would make a terrific desktop wallpaper!

A new appreciation for The Word is one of my favorite things about Grace, too--thanks for bringing it alive, Jim!

Jim said...

Thanks marla,that is just awesome!