Friday, December 5, 2008

I talked with 4 Homeless Men

4 hats, hot soup, and cans of food, go a long way, towards showing you care. Those were the items we packed into my Jeep this morning, to take and drop off to the people living in tents.

Our plan was simple, don't invade their privacy, just place these items along the path with a small note that says "we care" and come back again another day. We didn't want to make them think that they were being forced out.

Well, my staff parked the Jeep, and began to walk to the woods to drop off the stuff. As we were walking, I looked ahead and saw a man all alone walking to the woods. I immediately prayed this prayer "God show me what to do." I picked up the tempo and shouted ahead to the man, and told him we had some gifts for him. Initially he kept walking, but then he turned around and acknowledged me. What I saw was a man on hard times, with warm eyes, and a kind disposition.

We asked if we could walk back with him to deliver the stuff, he said yes! When we entered their camp site Jerry introduced us to Kevin, Adam and Dan. They came out of their tents and greeted us warmly. We offered them some other help, and just loved on them a while. We told them we will be back to help, and check up on them. They welcomed us back anytime.

As I walked away shivering, and my ears almost frostbitten, I felt like, I had just done something that my Savior would have done. The story is not over, and we have many more ways to help them out. I am looking forward to see where God will take this. What I do know is this, it felt good to start the day this way. Whatever you have done for the least of these you have done for me.


MarlaB said...

You are such good and faithful servants--God is pleased with you!

PattyB said...

Ahhh!! For such we were created. Frost-bitten and Brown-bitten, neither will be the same. A step into cold-evangelism became warmer once I did it.