Monday, December 8, 2008

Oldenburg Tree Farm

I love this time of year, and I love the time we take to cut down our "REAL" Christmas tree. Each year we drive up into Michigan to the Oldenburg Tree Farm to cut down a Real-Live-Breathtaking- Fresh -Pine Smelling -Tree.
Let me say this "you can't build real memories when you pull your tree out of a box." Okay, maybe a few like these; "do you want to climb up in the attic this year, or it is your turn to dig through the garage sale stuff and pull out the box, but you won't need your boots!"
Okay, I will admit as long as I am still breathing, we will have a real tree. I love the drive to the farm in Michigan . I love how the kids are buzzing about who gets to pick out the best tree. I love the moment when everyone sees the perfect tree, and we begin to saw it down. I love it when it snows, and we get into snowball fights with the other families. I love the hot chocolate later at the Puckett's house. I love the memories!
Yesterday was the perfect day to pick a tree. The ground was snow covered and we went deep into the woods to find our tree.
We finally settled on a Douglas Fir, and loaded it in the Grove's truck. Then while we were getting our picture taken, everyone else bombed us with snowballs. We did return the favor to the Pinions, Pucketts, and Groves while they posed for their portrait. Another year of memories, I have a feeling that this tradition will continue a long time with my kids too, as they move on.

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