Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Pitch

There is nothing like "the first." This summer I got to throw the first pitch out, in a Professional Baseball Game, in Tampa Florida. I was representing our churches all across America, as the Moderator. Isaiah joined me on the field. It was awesome! I tossed a high, and inside, blazing, smokin, jet powered 65 mph fastball...
I love being part of the planning, and dreaming of new things. I love the sleep deprivation that accompanies it. I love the moments where God lays the vision so clearly on your heart, that it compels you to move. I love the initial resistance of naysayers. I love the buy-in of the early adopters. I love the moment after the plan plays out, and you get to have that "I knew God could do it" moment.
You see every part of me screams " let me see it first God" , let me be your servant who carries the vision, so that others can see it too. Let me be the the one who cuts the path through the jungle, with the sickle! I am a born visionary, I find little compassion for people who don't see God as a big God, but I love blowing their minds, with God-sized dreams. I am constantly thinking about the future, and I love empowering others to go with me. When you put yourself out there, you get to experience some really cool things...
Some of you know, that God has birthed an idea in my mind, for this community. One that could employ hundreds, and be a launching pad for Jesus to be exalted. These last two days I have sat in meetings with men, who could assist that dream. I love those kind of moments, when there is no model to follow, no previous venture like it, just me, God, and a dream. That is what stokes my fire. SO here I am again, with the first pitch, trying to get things started, and I can hardly wait to see what God chooses to do with it. Oh my, it could be pretty exciting... The First Pitch begins Tuesday Night, don't miss it!

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