Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So what do you do when you feel burdened in a heavy way? How do you lift the weight that eats at you? Just this morning, I read the blog of a local pastor that I respect and watch from a distance, it was gut wrenching for me to feel his pain.
More then ever, I know that our hope is found in Jesus! Imagine losing your job, your investments, and not having anyone or anyplace to find hope. You can certainly see, why people would want to give up! But, we as followers of Jesus have incredible hope, we have a Bible full of promises, that gives credence, to a GOD that will never allow us to bear more than we can handle. We can come to him at any time, and lean on him.

That is why it is so important to dig into God's Word, and let it baptize you with hope, love, peace and truth. One thing for sure is this; Grace Community will always elevate the WORD of God. I love this picture below, that shows one of our ushers digging into the Bible

I also believe, more than ever, that these kind of days, change our worship of God. We come before him broken, and ready to listen. I love this photo, as my wife Anne is doing just that on the worship team.

I also believe that these kind of times create a perfect storm for God to show his stuff, to reveal his "out-of-nowhere-power". So, I encourage you today, to dream big, because God is scanning the earth, searching for those that really love him, and believe in him with faith. We are doing that here at Grace too, by providing a place for people to write out their dreams on a wall. Oh by the way, I spent time at the wall this morning praying all over it.
Call unto me and I will show you great and unsearchable things which you have not seen yet! Jeremiah 33:3

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