Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Time!

Okay I will give a little rant, for just a minute, or two. I have had it up to my ears, and beyond with the doom and gloom that we keep hearing, out in the press rooms of America. Things like it is going to be our worst year ever, plan for the worse, just survive this year and it will be much better in two years.

Now here is what ticks me off about these kind of statements. Did this economic downturn somehow catch God by surprise? Is not God still in control of everything, and still the God of the universe? Have God's resources been depleted? Does not God promise to work all things out for good, and to supply all our NEEDS not WANTS?

I choose to take another path this year! This is the chance for us to do something great! This is the chance for Christians to rise up, and live with our unfair advantage of the HOLY SPIRIT!

It's Time for the church to shine!

Okay I'm done for now, but I choose to believe the Word of God, and to place my trust in his Word, not the Evening News Anchor.

The Logo above is our new theme for 2009 here at Grace. Come and join us beginning this Sunday live, or on the Internet ( http://www.gracecommunity-church.com/ ) for some truths from Proverbs, on how to live above the rest, in the coming year. Needless to say, I am pumped. You don't want to miss the next 5 weeks, it could revolutionize your year!

Any takers out there in the blogging world?


Anonymous said...

Love the new theme/logo, it applies to many areas of my life, Most importantly my walk with Christ.

Karen Holt said...

Thank you! I also refuse to wallow in the doom and gloom we keep hearing all around us. I'm ready for some optomism.

Cindy Templeman said...

I completely agree with you!! With all that is going wrong in the world it is refreshing to hear a positive attitude. I lost my job this week and my family is facing some really tough times in the coming days. But I know evertyhing will be ok, God has our back. We just have to believe!