Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Elkhart's New Business

Last night we gathered in the LINK, to beg God to unfold a plan for Elkhart County. We worshipped, we knelt, and prayed. We prayed in large groups, small groups and we shared what God was telling us.

It was electric in the room, as God's people just shared their thoughts and ideas. There were moments in the tech room, where I was kneeling and praying with some of the pastors as people were discussing ideas. It was, what I have always dreamed of, people praying and begging God for answers.

We filled out forms, with ideas, resources, skills, and information. There was a sense of anticipation, as the small group leaders reported, what had been discussed. There were some really super ideas presented, that we took time to pray about.

Step one has just been completed, and step two has begun, as a business review group is hashing over the forms. Just today, I saw first hand two products that were talked about last night. It was exciting to see the proto-type. Please God, lead us and may we hear your voice. We give you credit ahead of time, as to how you are going to birth a business that will employ hundreds for Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Romans 16: 17-18

Anonymous said...

good warning.. thanks