Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leading in shark infested waters

I probably read 30 books a year on leadership alone. I love leading, I love cutting the path through the jungle where no man wants to go. I love the moments when no one else thinks it can be done, and God says GO! I was born to lead, it is in my DNA. I can remember from an early age, being the pilot on top of my bed, as my sisters and I played airplane. I remember always wanting to be the one who picked the sandlot baseball team, after we did fingers, hands and elbows up the bat.

Leading is not for the weak of heart. It often requires you to swim through shark infested waters. And the Shark Attacks increase, as you begin to make a difference in the Kingdom for Jesus. Every single time the Shark Attacks increase, I have come to realize that Satan wants to squelch what God is doing. If you want to lead your family, and in my case Grace Community too be prepared for dangerous waters. But hold onto Jesus and he will guide you through. Your kids need a valiant leader who will not let sharks stop him.

Just last night my wife dreamed that we were swimming in Shark infested waters. While I don't place much weight on dreams, here is what I do know. She told me that she will follow me, no matter what. Even if it means working our way through the shark infested waters. Just yesterday, I sat again with a young prospective youth pastor, and reminded him, ministry is not for the weak of heart, you will have to learn to swim with Sharks. Oh yeah, there will be many Shark Scars along the way, but that develops character. Keep swimming... your family, church, and workplace needs leaders who swim, and not flee, when Shark Warnings appear!

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