Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Not Easy

It's not easy being the youngest sibling. You spend hours watching big bro and sis play sports. You get to know all the gyms and concession stands. You spend a ton of time traveling to games, and sitting in bleachers. But you get a wealth of information about the game.
Well, Isaiah has seen his share of athletic events, as Hannah and Josh participated. In doing so, he has a great understanding of the game of basketball. I coach his 4th grade basketball team, and it is a blast. Isaiah loves hoops and continues to improve. I can't help but to compare him with Josh when he was his age.
Today, after an early elder board meeting at 6:00 AM, I headed over to Isaiah's game and he lit up the nets. Wow it was fun to watch him put it all together. You know he has had plenty of time to develop his skills.
I love this moment during the game where it appears everyone is having a spontaneous moment of worship.

Go get em buddy, it is a blast watching you hoop it up. I can't wait for the Friday night games at Fairfield down the road. It is amazing what a kid can learn after all these years with 1000 packs of skittles, 500 hot dogs and 650 popcorn's.


Anonymous said...

Great job Isaiah !Great pics when the next Game the Bethel fans will come Recruit! BLUE ALWAYS WINS OVER RED!

Beth said...

looks like you have another basketball fanatic!! season for us is over, kinda of glad it can get long, michael likes bball but its not his love, soccer seems to be his game!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What blast it has been coaching with you and Brent this year. Yeah, we have a good team, but most importantly we have good "chemistry"!