Monday, March 2, 2009

State Capitol Prayer

This morning I traveled down to Indy, to give the opening prayer, in the House of Representatives. It was an incredible privilege to pray for our great State of Indiana, and to pray for our Representatives. Our Elkhart County Rep, Wes Culver, was my traveling companion. Some of you know that I have a desire to be a prayer confidant for our President.
It was a great experience for me to see how our government works, and to see first hand the leaders of our State. I got to visit Wes' work center, and many of his colleagues.
The House seats Republicans on one side, and Democrats on the other. I spent many moments praying as I sat right up front, waiting to be announced, by the Speaker of the House. I am grateful that God gave me this chance.
They announced me as the pastor of the day, and then I proceeded up to the front to pray. I kept the prayer simple and prayed for wisdom, discernment, and decisions to be made, that God would be pleased with. I closed my prayer in the name of Jesus.
After I prayed, the Representatives were seated and the session began. Please pray for Wes and our state. The guest speaker referred to Elkhart County many times in his speech. There is power in prayer, and it was a day I will always remember


Dennis said...

Praise the Lord for the great opportunity that He blessed you (and the legislature) with.

Dana said...

We are so proud of our pastor! We know that you spoke straight to their hearts, Jim. We know that you moved them!

Gary said...

In this troubled time, it is refreshing to see a wholesome presentation of prayer, guided by God's hand, to those who must lead with wisdom and grace.

Well done, Pastor.

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I enjoyed your site.


Andy Jewett said...

what a cool opportunity.

Jamie said...

Aww Jimmy, this is awesome. Enjoy reading your blog. Love, Jamie