Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Pastor's Perspective

Every week I get a chance to share from my heart, what God has been stirring in me. People walk in wanting all sorts of things. Some are hurting, some are hiding, and some are longing for more. Each individual comes seeking answers, to help them get through the week, month, and year. Some have marriages that are collapsing, while others are flying high. The whole gamut of emotions come gathered into one place.

Have you ever considered what I bring? Have you ever considered what is going through my mind, as I look out over the auditorium? You see there are things that I know about people, that will go to the grave with me. There are answers, I could give to defend myself or others, that I choose to be silent on, to save face on others. I have a much broader perspective of the overall church, while most only have a few snap shots of what they hear or see.

Here is what I think as I look out! I love my Church! I love the way you serve, I love the hidden stories of love that never surface in public. I also believe in the mission of my church. I know the ways people's lives are being transformed, and I know the stories of breakthrough that never get shared.

I also know this, I am the only pastor, my wife will ever have. I am the only pastor my kids will have in their youth. So I care deeply how their lives are formed here at Grace.

All that to say this, we are not perfect, nor will we be able to appease everyone, but I am thrilled that my family gets to grow up in Jesus at Grace Community Church. I wouldn't trade Grace with any other Church on planet earth, I love Grace Community with all of my heart and will fight for it!

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Andy Jewett said...

And I hope you always will.