Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Battle is Real

I spent a couple of weeks in Vietnam a few years ago. The plan was simple, wake up each day and ask God to give us divine appointments. Look for People of Peace and share the Gospel. I have given my life to Jesus, and I will go to my grave sharing the truths about Jesus. Too much is at stake for Christians to remain silent. Everyday, a battle is raging for the souls of people.

My World View has been shaped by my experiences, time in God's Word, and rubbing elbows with people of God. Here is what I know to be true, Satan has his own followers looking to convert people, his way too. So much happens around us everyday, that can go unnoticed, if we are not Walking in the Spirit. All kinds of religions are screaming falsehood, yet people don't realize it.
If I could peal back the heavenlies right now, you might be freaked out to see the battle that is raging, between demonic messengers of Satan and angelic messengers of Jesus. The battle is real, and I prepare myself every day for the war by praying, and seeking Jesus. In Vietnam, there was an underground city that was used by the Viet Cong. These tunnels were not easy to find, and every night the enemy would attack and crawl back into the holes unseen by Americans...

It was true guerrilla warfare. I crawled through these tunnels and wondered, what are the ways that Satan uses these same underground strategies to defeat us.

I wonder right now, if you are prepared for the battle at hand? Are you familiar with his schemes? Well, I know this, we must be on alert at all times, because the enemy is real, and he wants to cause mortal wounds on people. Well, that is why we must GO! That is why we must be willing to go where no man has ever been, with the good news of Jesus!

Besides what greater cause to die for, than to die telling the world about Jesus? Go Save the World, that is why Jesus came. If you don't tell them the truth, some other religion will send them to Hell.

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